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El Hierro Island

El Hierro is an island of the Atlantic Ocean that belongs to Canary Islands. It has a surface of 268.71 km². It is the seventh most populated island of the Canary Archipelago.

It is the most occidental and meridional island of the Canary Archipelago and the main and capital city is Valverde. It has another two municipalities: La Frontera and El Pinar.

It has been traditionally known as «Island of Meridian» or «Island of Zero Meridian» because it was located here the Meridian of Origin of the sea known in that time by Ptolomeo, until it was established in Greenwich in 1884.

The peak is located in the centre area of the island, where the highest tops of volcanos are situated. There are three different geographic areas: the plateau, the Valley of El Golfo and the sloping area of El Julán.

El Hierro has various vegetation zones, from desert lava fields to laurel forests, passing through pine forests, pastures and banana plantations.

In 2000, UNESCO declared El Hierro a Biosphere Reserve.

We can highlight some parties like the Patron Saint of the island The Virgin of The Kings, whose celebration brings together thousands of pilgrims who go the Descent of the Virgin that takes place every four years from the hermitage in La Dehesa (La Frontera) until the capital city.

Between years 1702 and 1704 it was drilled the Pozo de la Salud (Well of Health), which was initially called the well Pozo de Sabinosa. It was part of a program to systematic research of drinking water in the coastal line. The water that was encountered was a little salty, but very useful to supply water to animals. Soon, however, it was also confirmed that people who drank that water had a better health and a better resistance to epidemics.

The Pozo de la Salud Wellness Resort and Hotel is one of the main places to visit regarding wellness and relaxing treatments, and it serves as a high quality accommodation in an environment with great natural beauty.

Nowadays, a project driven by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism is developed there in order to make it into the first island in the world to become completely self-sufficient through Renewable Energies. The Hydro-Wind Power Station Gorona del Viento started to work on the 27th of June 2014 to achieve this purpose. In the same year, UNESCO declared the whole island a Geopark.

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