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La Graciosa Island

La Graciosa is an island of the Atlantic Ocean that belongs to Canary Islands. It has a surface of 29 km² and is located a few kilometres from the north of Lanzarote, to which it belongs administratively.

The island is part of the Archipelago Chinijo (small), which is composed by this island of La Graciosa, plus Alegranza, Montaña Clara and the Islets Roque del Este and Roque del Oeste.

Its main and capital town is Caleta del Sebo, and it has another smaller village called Houses of Pedro Barba. It is the least populated island of Canary Islands, with a resident population of 600 inhabitants.

The economy of the island is based on fishing and tourism, and it is only possible to access from the sea, departing from the harbour of Órzola in Lanzarote to the harbour of Caleta del Sebo.

The island is a peace and quiet place where you can find long beaches of white sand and visitors can relax and disconnect from the daily rutine of big cities.

We can highlight some parties like the Patron Saint of the island The Virgin of Carmen, whose celebration brings together thousands of pilgrims who go to the Maritime Procession of the Virgin along the sea with fishing boats specially decorated for this celebration.

In La Graciosa, you can enjoy a delicious gastronomy that is based on fishing. Moreover, it is possible to visit it by bike, on foot, diving or snorkelling, or to go on a programmed excursion with local companies.

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