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CANARIASTAXI.COM is a website dedicated to the commercialization of services for travellers transport through Internet, and whose commercial trademark, ownership, management and development belong to the company AVANZZIA BUSINESS SCP, with Tax Identification Code [initials in Spanish CIF] J76213511, and with the name of AVANZZIA TRAVEL, as Touristic Intermediator with Number I-0003619.1 from here in after Avanzzia, and whose office for these effects is located in calle Mástil 18C, 35509 – Playa Honda, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain.

For commercial and administrative purposes you can contact us through the email address info@canariastaxi.com

Avanzzia is a touristic intermediator and acts as a direct agent between you and the supplier, transporter or transport company that carries out the service, making the service contract directly between you and the transport supplier.


1.1– Bookings made through this platform are subject to our company’s general conditions, as well as to the additional conditions of suppliers or transporters.

1.2–The following terms and conditions will be applied to all bookings made through our website CanariasTaxi.com. When making your booking with us, you legally accept to be bound to the compliance of this contract in which your rights and duties are stated. Please, read these conditions carefully before making your booking.

1.3– When making your booking with us, you accept the conditions of the same, in your name and in the name of all the members of your group. You must inform your group about these terms and conditions, about all the clauses hereby established. The booking will be sent to you with the total amount of the contracted service.

1.4–The terms and conditions hereby established only refer to the services of travellers’ transport that you contract in our website, and they never correspond to other services that you contract through links of our website, as well as purchases of flight tickets, ship tickets, hotel rooms, excursions, shows tickets, etc. You must read the terms and conditions of the services of other websites which have links with us.

1.5–Avanzzia reserves the right to modify, amend, change or annul any of these terms and conditions when considered necessary, being valid those of the last date of updating.

1.6– If you or your group do not wish to be obligated to comply with our service terms and conditions, unfortunately you cannot book your transport through our website.


2.1–For applying services of travellers’ transports it is necessary to be over 18 years old and that the personals details provided by you are correct and true, as well as you have to be the holder of the credit or debit card or bank account and to authorize the payment through this system or any other.

2.2–For applying a service, you will have to follow the process established in the booking form of our website. These services applications have to be made with a minimum time of 48 hours previously to carry out the transport. For last minute bookings, you can call to our telephone for customers services in office hours.

2.3–For accepting a booking, the total payment of the service must be made firstly by your card or bank account. If you cannot get the confirmation of the total payment for the booking, the service application will be annulled.

2.4–The booking will be confirmed when we have sent to you by email the reservation number of your booking as well as the details of the transport supplier and its location in the destination. It is your responsibility before travelling to check that the details of your booking are correct and to inform us if there is any mistake. Before carrying out the transport, you must show the guide or vehicle driver the voucher of your booking for its verification. If your do not show the voucher of your booking the supplier can deny to carry out the service and you will lose the paid amount.

2.5– Avanzzia, in your name and in the name of the transport supplier, reserves the right to reject any service application made by you if we consider that the necessary conditions for accepting it do not comply.


3.1– In our website, you can see in detail the prices and processes of payments of the applied service. The real price applicable to any service is that one shown in our website on the date and time that you make the service request.

3.2– Avanzzia can modify the price of any service in our website before you make your booking. We try to guaranty that the prices we publish in our website are exact, but we should check that the price is according to the requested service.

3.3– The prices of confirmed services in our website will be not comparable to the price of the supplier or transporter in destination, because we add a necessary percentage of intermediator, as well as the management costs for the running of our intermediator service and the management costs of bankcards and local taxes. When accepting the terms and conditions of the service price, you renounce to your right to calculate the service fee with a taximeter.

3.4– The established prices are per full private vehicle for the total of passengers (including adults, children and babies), except in any event of shared services that we can offer, and whose fee calculation will be per individual person. In this case, we will indicate it in the service booking.

3.5– When making a booking in our website you will have to pay it through our system of payment. We accept payment with credit and debit cards, bank transfers and PayPal. The companies that issue the cards charge us some management costs, which we will charge to you including them in the final price of your booking. The charge will be made in EUROS. The consultation tools of the exchange rate are only offered as informative purpose.

3.6– If you make your booking through a travel agency, intermediator or touristic company that has a contract convention or agreement with us, they will act as intermediators between you and the supplier or transporter. You will not have a contract with the supplier or transporter until the total payment of your booking is made.

3.7– It is your responsibility to check that your booking is made successfully. For this, you should receive the booking confirmation automatically through an email. In the event of not receiving this notification, it is your responsibility to verify if the booking has been correctly made, and to call your bank to check out that the payment has been made before starting to make a new booking and avoid duplicities of services. We are not responsible of the charges that can be applied by the supplier or transporter due to duplication of services.

3.8– TIPS are not included in the price of your service. If you consider the guide or vehicle driver is friendly, kind and helpful, you can give him/her a tip if you wish so.


4.1– Avanzzia and the supplier or transporter will do everything they can to guarantee you the service, but exceptionally adverse circumstances can happen impeding to carry out the service with guarantee.

4.2– The supplier or transporter will make the best effort to give you a satisfactory service, but they cannot guarantee at 100% that the vehicle can pick you up and transport properly and on time to your final destination. We cannot guarantee that the chosen itinerary until the destination is the exact one and the Google Maps route shown in our website is only for informative matters.

4.3– It is your responsibility to book your transport with enough time for the supplier or transporter to give you a satisfactory service. Neither we, nor the supplier or transporter, will be responsible of any loss, cost or expense that you may suffer, or that incur due to any delay of the vehicle which must pick you up as consequence of your absent-mindedness, negligence or other inevitable or reasonable unexpected events, and so you cannot arrive on time to your destination to take flights or ships, or other means of transport that you have to connect or any other event or occasion you plan to conduct. In this sense, neither we nor the supplier or transporter will indemnify you.

4.4– Although we provide you with information and confirmation of your service through texting a SMS, Chat, WhatsApp, E-mail, telephone or any other means of communication, it is your responsibility to use all the available options to confirm your service for the date, place and time of collection. These options are available on your reservation voucher.

If you do not confirm with the supplier or transporter your departure transfer, it is possible not to carry it out properly and you will lose your booking and the right of its refunding, and you will lose the right to claim any compensation against us or the supplier/transporter for your loss.

If you change your accommodation in the same touristic area, or if you wish to change the date or time of collection, you should confirm the new location, date and time calling directly to the supplier or transporter. If you change the touristic are you will have to pay directly to the guide or vehicle driver the price difference.

4.5– The service will be denied to any person who is or seems to be under the alcohol or drugs influence, or whose behaviour is not the adequate one and can be considered as a threat for the driver, the guide, the other passengers or the vehicle.

4.6– It is not allowed to eat, drink alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, smoke or take drugs into the vehicle.

4.7– The luggage that you bring with you is your responsibility and we, and the supplier or transporter, do not accept any claim for losses or damages on your luggage. We are not responsible of the costs related to the return of items lost by you.

4.8– The supplier or transporter regularly checks the flights arrivals screens to guarantee your service although there is any delay of your flight. However, it is convenient that if your flight has any delay higher than one hour, to contact the supplier or transporter to make sure that this anomaly is controlled, and you can have your service at your arrival at the airport.

4.9– In the event that you do not go to our supplier or transporter on time for the service, you will lose its refund. Moreover, if you decide to take another alternative transport, neither we nor our supplier or transporter will pay those costs.

4.10– You will be picked up in the place, date and time established in the booking, and the supplier or transporter will bring you to the address of your destination, or as near as possible. If the access through the common itinerary is closed because of weather reasons, traffic accidents, etc. the vehicle driver can take an alternative itinerary to get your destination. In these events, if there are additional costs, you will pay them directly to the driver.

4.11– If your flight is cancelled, you will have to inform us as soon as possible, through our email address info@canariastaxi.com and indicate us if your aircraft company has given to you another date and time to travel, so we can modify your reservation and guarantee you your service on the new date and time. If your do not inform us about this anomaly in your flight, we cannot guarantee the modification and the later making of your service and you would lose your booking and the right to refund the paid amount.

On the same way, if your travel by ship or by any other mean of transport has a cancellation, you will also have to inform us to make the same process and guarantee you the service.

4.12– On your reservation voucher, we explain in detail the instructions of your collection at airports, ports, accommodations or other meeting places for carrying out your service.

4.13– The transfer services only include the direct trajectory between the origin and the destination point. If you wish to alter the transfer service changing the itinerary or making additional stops during the way, or if due to unknowing the place you select a destination that does not correspond to the touristic area where your accommodation is located, you will have to pay the difference of the service price directly to the vehicle driver.

4.14– At airports or ports, the guide or driver will directly wait for you with our logotype or with your name, or maybe, you should go to the meeting office that the supplier or transporter can have at the airport or port. In the accommodations, the driver will directly collect you asking for you at the reception. Likewise, in any case you should show to the guide or driver the reservation voucher for the service in order to carry it out correctly.

The supplier or transporter will give you a waiting time for you to go where he is and start the service. At the airport collections, the waiting time is established in 30 minutes, for port collections it will be 20 minutes, and for accommodation collections or other meeting points it will be 10 minutes. Once this time is over, if you are not present before the guide or driver, you will lose your reservation and the right to the refund of the paid amount.

4.15– It is your responsibility to confirm with the supplier or transporter the place, date and time that you has indicated in your booking for the transfer services when collecting at your accommodation. You can see the supplier or transporter’s telephones on the reservation voucher. Remember that you must book your transfer with enough time to get your destination (especially when you have to go to the airport or to the port for taking any flight or ship). Likewise, you should show to the guide or driver the reservation voucher for the service to carry it out correctly.

4.16– If you have booked a transfer service of going and return, and you wish to change the place of collection for your return, you will have to inform the supplier or transporter with 24 hours in advance, so he can make the modification and give you the service properly. Take into account that the change on place of collection must be always within the same touristic area you have selected in your booking. If you wish to be collected in another touristic area, you will have to pay the difference of price directly to the vehicle driver.

4.17– In the transfer services when your destination is the airport, you will have to inform the vehicle driver which Terminal or airport zone he must drop you off for your flight. Likewise, when your destination is the port, you will have to inform the driver the name of the ship, shipping company, consignee, harbour or port zone where he must drop you off for your ship.

Neither we nor the suppliers or transporters will be responsible if you do not know the Terminal or harbour where to take your flight or ship.

4.18– The services of touristic routes only include the way through the established places, and the waiting time stipulated for each place to visit which is established by the supplier or transporter. If your wish to alter the service of the touristic route changing the itinerary to follow, the duration time or doing additional stops during the way, you will have to pay the difference of price directly to the vehicle driver.

Guide service or tickets for museums, theme parks or other places that require paying an entry ticket to accede are also not included, as well as meals, flight or ship tickets if you travel from another island, and you will have to pay all these additional costs.

4.19– All the transport services contracted by you are covered by a civil liability policy of the supplier or transporter, or the company subcontracted.


5.1–The details of the requested service appear on the reservation voucher with the collecting point and the destination point. Any modification that may affect this information must be informed by e-mail to info@canariastaxi.com, and it will be only considered as modified once we have checked it out with the supplier or transporter, and finally confirmed to you too by e-mail.

5.2– Any modifications must be applied by you at least 48 hours before carrying out your service. Once the time term is over we cannot guarantee you the change of the service with the supplier or transporter, and you will lose your booking and its refund.

5.3–If you inform us about the modification application before the established 48 hours and the supplier or transporter accepts to change it, you assume any increase in the service price due to the booking modification. The supplier or transporter will apply the corresponding fee, and we will charge the management cost of 5 € per each change. Also, you will have to pay the charges that the bank companies can apply for the use of credit or debit cards, bank transfers or payments through PayPal and the local taxes.

5.4– Booking modifications can be only made when the supplier or transporter accepts them, in the time and way indicated in the item 5.2 and 5.3, and if the origin and destination zones are the same one. If you wish to change to another origin and destination zones, you must cancel the current service and complete a new booking. In this event, the corresponding cancelation charges will be applied.


6.1– The cancelations must be informed by you to us through our e-mail address info@canariastaxi.com, and at least 48 hours before carrying out the service.

6.2– If the cancelation is made with less than 48 hours regarding the time of carrying out the service, you will not receive any refund. If the cancelation is made with more than 48 hours before carrying out the service, we will give you back part of the paid amount less a 25% as concept of administration and cancelation costs.

6.3– If you do not attend before the supplier or transporter on the place and at the time that are indicated for the service, it will be considered as a cancelation with less than 48 hours which is the minimum stipulated, and you will not have the right to any refund.

6.4– If you have made your booking of going and return or multiple pickings-up, and you have already made the first service and you want to cancel the second one or following ones, you will not have the right to any refund of those services that have not been used. Bookings are unique, complete and undivided ones.


7.1– When formalizing this contract you implicitly declare that: You are of legal age and that you are in full use of your mental capacity, and therefore you are able to assume your legal liabilities that are derived from this contract. That you are conscientious of the scope of the services that are the purpose of this contract, and that the information referred to the services and the contents of these general conditions. Moreover, you declare that you own the credit or debit cards or you bank account used here, and that they have enough funds to cover the amount of the contracted service.

7.2– It is your responsibility to review the exactitude of the information provided and to print the booking voucher (on paper or digitally), and bring it with you during the trip. Likewise, you must be on the place, date and time established for carrying out the service and show to the guide, driver, supplier or transporter this voucher when they ask you for verifying the viability of your booking, onto which the instructions about the collection at arrivals and departures are indicated, as well as the telephone numbers to contact suppliers or transporters, and the opening hours of the local offices. This information is clearly specified on your booking voucher. Neither we nor the supplier or transporter are responsible or accept any compensation complaint for any lost service in the event that you do not appear before the supplier or transporter on the place, date and time that are established and if you do not have your booking voucher.

7.3– The services will be provided according to the specified information on the booking voucher, which we will send to you by e-mail once its payment is already paid.

7.4– In the process of your booking you will have to pay special attention and fill in correctly all the required blanks of the application form. It is your responsibility to provide us the complete and correct information for the service. If you realise that some information is missing or of any mistake, you should inform us immediately, so we can amend the inconvenient. We will not be responsible of any booking that are uncompleted, or whose main details for the service are missing and those that we cannot carry out due to this reason. Refunds will be not done for the said uncompleted bookings.

7.5– If your flight or ship is diverted or cancelled, we recommend you to contact us immediately, so we can help you to change your booking and provide you with an alternative service. Take into account that neither we or the supplier or transporter will be responsible of paying any compensation for the alternative transport, which has been caused by the airline company or any other means of transport that you use until arriving to your destination. It is your airline or transport company’s responsibility according to the terms and conditions of bringing you to your original destination.

7.6– It is your responsibility to give the necessary documents at the border crossings to access any country. We do not have any responsibility, and we deny incurring in any supplementary costs or compensations caused by you because you did not show the necessary documents for the compliance of the customs, visa, police, fiscal or administrative provisions of the countries that you try to access. The booking voucher is not a valid document for getting an entry visa of a country.

7.7– You are the only responsible person of your negligence in any country you visit. Moreover, in the event that our company is obliged to pay a deposit or fine to the authorities of any country because of your non-compliance of laws, regulations or other legal and obligatory requirements of the country you pretend to go in, go out or cross. You will assume all the responsibility of refunding us the said amount. We reserve the right, and this is authorized by you through these terms, of keeping any necessary amount of money through your credit or debit card or bank account until you prove that you have paid the corresponding amount of the said fines, charges, etc., as well as you authorize us to charge to your card or bank account for the damages, thefts or object disappearance that you or your group of vehicle may cause before, during or after your service.

7.8– We reserve the right of not accepting more bookings of a customer who has caused an important incident or several incidents repeatedly.


8.1– When you confirm your booking with us, you concede the supplier or transporter the right to deny the service to any passenger who, under a reasonable criterion of the driver of guide, does not comply with a responsible attitude, has symptoms of having taken alcohol or drugs, or shows an aggressive and dangerous attitude for the physical integrity of the driver, guide, him/herself or other passengers, or if can cause damages on the vehicle or to others.

Our suppliers, transporters or we will not accept any responsibility for the additional costs that you or your group incur because of such irresponsible conduct.

8.2– If you or your group cause a damage or loss to the driver, guide, or other passengers, or to the vehicle, before, during or after the service, you will have to pay the damages directly to the driver, guise, supplier or transporter, or to the other passengers or third party.

If you or your group do not make the full payment immediately for the damages caused, you would be liable to compensate us and answer for the claims that we can receive afterwards, as a consequence of your actions, jointly with all the costs that we have to pay in the proceeding of any claim against you, including the proceeding and judicial costs.

8.3– We will not have any liability, neither our suppliers nor transporters, for the irresponsible actions or conducts of other passengers or people who have not any relation to the service or booking, nor to us.

8.4– It is not allowed to bring food, tobacco, alcoholic drinks, drugs or any other substance, inside the vehicle with the intention to consume them during the trip.

8.5– The anti-law prohibits smoking inside the vehicle and also recommends not to smoke in the proximities.

8.6– In any case, if the service is annulled by the driver, guide, supplier or transporter for any of the aforementioned reasons, you and your group would lose the booking and would not have the right to receive back the paid amount.


9.1– In extraordinary cases, the supplier or transporter can be obligated to make a change or to cancel your booking. If this situation happens, we will inform you as soon as possible, and we would do our best to find another viable alternative to get your service to be carried out.

9.2– In the event that it is not possible to give you an adequate alternative of transport according to your initial application, we will reimburse the full amount of your reservation and we will not have any other liability with you, neither we nor the supplier or transporter.

We recommend you to hire a travel insurance that can cover any inconvenient that may happen during your travels or holidays.


10.1– We act as reservations agent, and as such agent, we do not accept any responsibility for the provision of services.

10.2– Our responsibilities are limited to publish in our website the information about the services that the suppliers or transporters carry out, and to inform the suppliers or transporters about the reservations applications that are made in our website.

10.3– We do not accept any liability for any information that we give you with good faith, and that can be wrong, modified or changed by the supplier or transporter.

10.4– We do not accept any liability for the eventuality of our website if affected by a computer virus, and therefore the information exposed in there can be distorted. If that happens, we would do all the possible to amend this inconvenient and rectify any mistake that is informed to us as soon as possible.

If during the time these computer mistakes last a booking is made with a wrong price or with a wrong promotion, we will reserve the right to rescind the contract with no need to compensate the customer.

10.5– We do not accept any liability for any illness, lesion, death or loss of any type, before, during or after giving you the service or after finishing it. This includes the loss, damage or theft of luggage or personal assets that you or your group bring, or any other reason, whatever it was.

Any claim due to loss, lesion, illness or death must be carried out directly to the supplier or transporter, which should be covered with the terms of your liability insurance.

10.6– We are not responsible for those damages that are not directly attributable to us, or for those caused by accident, force majeure or that have its cause in legal or administrative requirements.

10.7– We only accept the responsibility for the claims that are presented only as the result of our own negligence as intermediator.

In that case, our maximum liability will be limited to refund the total amount that the customer has paid for the booking.


11.1– We will be not responsible, or will not pay any compensation, neither we nor the suppliers or transporter, in those cases when the service has to be modified or cancelled, and if it is affected by unpredictable outside causes that are out of our control.

These reasons can be: adverse weather or extreme conditions, fires, floods or other natural, industrial or nuclear disasters, epidemics or pandemics, accidents of third parties during the travel, dangers on the road or other circumstances that may affect the traffic, or the security of passengers, driver or guide, or the vehicle or third parties, police controls, unpredictable traffic jam and delays, demonstrations or strikes, disturbances or riots, vandalism, terrorist activity or threat, war or war threat or similar ones, acts or events of local or national authorities, and any other unpredicted circumstance that we cannot control, neither us nor the supplier or transporter, for which we will be obligated to modify or change any service.


12.1– If you see or realize of any deficiency or problem before, during or after the service, you should contact at first the supplier or transporter, calling directly to his telephone at the moment of the incidence, so that they can solve the problem, because this service contract is made between you and the supplier or transporter, and they will try to solve the problem as successfully as possible.

12.2– In the case that the supplier or transporter cannot solve your problem, you can inform us through our email address info@canariastaxi.com, so that we can help you and intercede in your name before the supplier or transporter, and then to solve the problem as successfully as possible.

12.3– Avanzzia is not responsible for any incident that you may have with the guides, drivers, suppliers or transporters. We do not accept any complaint or compensation for damages or costs that they can cause to you, but we commit ourselves to inform the competent authorities where appropriate.

12.4– We do not manage claims or complaints that infringe our terms and conditions, or those that you inform about after finishing your stay in the destinations and when you are already back in the origin place. In that case, you should make your complaint personally and directly or through other ways before the competent authority.

12.5– In the event that we have to make a full refund of the service price, it will not be included the in the refund the taxes, administrative fees derived from payments with bankcards or transfers or PayPal, nor the management costs of the reservation.


13.1– If you wish to make a special application, you should notify this option to us at the time of booking. We will do our best to inform the supplier or transporter, but we cannot guarantee that these special applications can be performed, and we will have no responsibility with you if they are not complied.


14.1– If you have large or extra luggage that is not included per person (1 standard suitcase and 1 handbag), you should add it to the section for extras of our booking form, so that the supplier or transporter can provide you with the adequate vehicle for your needs. This extra luggage will have a cost added to your service.

If you do not add in the booking form the extra luggage you have, neither us or the supplier or transporter will be responsible of not having the adequate vehicle at the moment of your service, and you should wait the necessary time until getting the adequate vehicle or your booking can be cancelled by the supplier or transporter, and then you will lose the right for the refund of the amount paid.

14.2– We consider extra item the following ones: bicycles (on any type), surfboards, kitesurf boards or windsurf boards, hang-gliding or paragliding, golf bags or other sport bags of large size, pets or animals cases (except guide-dogs), big sport or musical equipments, trunks or boxes of large dimensions, electrical or folding wheelchairs, or small electrical motorbikes, baby or child prams, and when the group of customers carries more than 1 standard suitcase and 1 handbag per person.

If you need to transport apart of your standard luggage a baby or child pram, you should add it as extra in the option of large luggage.

14.3– The exact price of the extras appear in detail in the booking form, and the final cost will depend on the amount of extras you transport. In these exceptional cases, the supplier or transporter can ask for an added price at the time of your service, if he considers that the item to transport exceed the amount, weight or sizes that you have provided in your booking. If you do not wish to pay this amount added by the supplier or transporter, you can cancel the service, in which case you will lose the right to get back the amount already paid.

14.4– Baby prams and child car seats are also considered as extra luggage. In this case, you should inform about it when booking, if you wish the supplier or transporter to provide you with the child car seats you need. These extras in some cases are provided for free by the supplier or transporter, and in other cases, they can charge you with a fee when you book the service.

If you have your own baby prams or child car seats, you do not need to notify it in your reservation, but you have to take into account that they can occupy a seat inside the vehicle and you should include children in the total of passengers of your reservation.


15.1– If you travel with a wheelchair, you should indicate it in the booking form, selecting the adequate vehicle for this service. The supplier or transporter will provide you with a vehicle adapted with the security systems required by law, with ramps, special anchorages and safety belts for disabled people.

15.2– If your wheelchair can be folded and you do not wish to select an adapted vehicle, it will be not necessary to select that option in the booking form, but you should chose a vehicle with enough space in the car boot to add the folded wheelchair jointly with your luggage, in which case you should select in the extras the option for large luggage.

15.3– The supplier or transporter will do as much as possible to provide you with the adequate vehicle to your needs on the place, date and time that you have requested, although some areas may have a few units of vehicles. It is possible that in some cases, even booking in advance, you have to wait a few minutes to be properly attended by the supplier or transporter.


The regulations of the EU 2003/20/EC about safety seats for children and babies says that:

16.1– Babies and children up to 12 years old or with a maximum height up to 135 centimetres (or what is applied first), should be seated inside vehicles on safety seats adapted for them.

16.2– Currently, cars, taxis, minibuses o buses which our suppliers or transporters work with do not have babies seats or children car seats integrated in the vehicles. It is your responsibility to bring your own safety seats for your children or babies.

Neither we, nor our suppliers or transporters or the companies subcontracted by them, are responsible for the personal or material damages or of any other type that may happen before, during or after your service consequently because you do not correctly seat your children or babies inside the vehicle.

16.3– If you do not have a safety seat for your children or babies, the supplier or transporter can provide you with one special safety seat for transporting children or babies.

This option is in the EXTRAS section and it has a cost added to the final price of your service. Each supplier or transporter can offer this option with a different fee. In our booking form, you can see the prices offered depending the destination.


17.1– We consider and recommend you to hire an adequate travel or holiday insurance adapted to your needs and those for the group in the destination.

The insurance must cover, among other costs, the loss of luggage or the cancellation of your travel, flight, accommodation, transport or activities and leisure, the medical costs for any accident or illness, and your full assistance in the destination including the return to your place of origin.

It is your responsibility to be sure that you hire an insurance with the adequate and enough coverage to cover your particular needs in the destination while you are on holiday.

Please, read carefully our terms and conditions, and print this document to bring it with you during your travel. An adequate travel insurance will protect you from a series of risks out of our control.


18.1– Our websites are available in English and in Spanish, and our customer service is also available in both languages through our email address. We will pay special attention to the quality of the translation of our websites and of these terms and conditions, but in the event of discrepancy the Spanish version will be considered the valid one.


19.1– Avanzzia reserves all the copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual and industrial property rights derived from this website. The contents published on our website are registered in the name of our company and are protected by the national and international legislations that regulates the intellectual property.

This reservation of rights includes both the contents that under any format can be included and distributed through this website and the own code, design and navigation structure of the website.

19.2– It is prohibited the use of contents of our website by a third party, for any purpose apart of a transport booking. This prohibition includes the representation, licence, dissemination, modification, copy, download, or sending of our contents for a later publication, as well as the reproduction or representation in part or in total of such contents without the previous and expressed consent of our company.


20.1– According to the data protection organic law 15/1999 of the 13th December, we inform you that in order to process your reservation we need to collect some of your personal details, which will be registered in our data base, and they will be only used for providing you with the requested service, and they will not be transferred to others with the purposes that are not those established in our terms and conditions.

20.2– The data that we need from you are those you will need to give for making your reservation, which appear in detail in our booking forms for the several services we offer.

20.3– The data of your credit or debit card will be treated in an adequate and safety way to guarantee your privacy. We will use the encrypt system SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure the protections of your details.

20.4– On the same way, we assume that you have no objection to register your details in our database, because you give them to us freely. You can ask for the amendment, modification or cancellation of your details when you wish it, just informing us through our email info@canariastaxi.com

20.5– When you make a service contract with us, you implicitly authorize us to use your personal details for the services requested, and to ensure the correct invoicing of the service, and to help us to identify future services that can be of your interest.

Moreover, you accept that we can send you to your email or to your telephone some surveys, information about promotions or offers or advertisements of our products or services (although you have not completed your reservation), as well as about other trademarks of our corporate group.

20.6– Although we do not inform our suppliers or transporters our customers’ email addresses, sometimes we can act as intermediary resending offers or advertisements of this third parties to the customer’s email address. Moreover, we have to provide our suppliers with your personal details, which are necessary for carrying out the service satisfactorily.

20.7– In our website, we offer links and accesses to other websites that we do not own, which can have different conditions of privacy than ours. In no case, we will be responsible for the conditions or contents included in any other website that has a link or that is connected or associated to ours.

20.8– On the same way, we inform you that we use cookies in our website that you can delete if you wish so once you have used our services.

20.9– Avanzzia is committed to comply with the obligation to keep in secret your personal details, to keep them and adopt the necessary measures to avoid any alteration, inadequate treatment, loss or unauthorized access to third parties, according to what is established in the regulations about safety measures of computer files, which contain personal details information, approved by the Royal Decree 994/1999 of the 11th July.


21.1– If your wish to be protected in any modification of these terms and conditions, you should be sure to agree these modifications with us and in written as soon as possible.

You cannot transfer any of your rights and duties under these terms and conditions, and without our previous written consent.

21.2– Avanzzia can transfer or subcontract some of the rights and duties, or all of them, under these terms and conditions at any time.

21.3– We can modify these terms and conditions when appropriate, and publish or update a revision or new version in our website. Once it is done, all the use made on our website will be ruled by this version.

You should review the terms and conditions published in our website before making your reservation, because they can be changed at any time, being valid the last terms and conditions in the acquisition of your reservation.

21.4– Every physical or legal person that is not a part of this agreement with us, with the supplier or the transporter, has no rights under the Law of Contracts (rights of third parties) of 1999.

21.5– These terms and conditions, as well as the use you do of our website, are ruled by the laws of Spain. Moreover, in the event of any type of conflict under this contract, you accept to be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.

21.6– If any article or disposition of this terms and conditions is converted or is declared illegal, null or illicit, or declared inapplicable by a judicial decision, such disposition or article will be eliminated, but the rest of conditions will be still valid.

21.7– If any of the parties do not exercise any right or action under this contract, this will not mean a renouncement to such right or action.


22.1– This contract agreed between you and we, and these terms and general conditions will be ruled and regulated by the current Spanish legislation.

22.2– When any discrepancy may arise between you and we (including the non-contractual ones, the controversies, the complaints, or other), both parties will be submitted to the Courts of Arrecife of Lanzarote, in Canary Islands, Spain, with express renunciation of any other court.


23.1– Your questions and consultations must be sent to our email info@canariastaxi.com or to our telephone for customer’s service: (+34) 646 730 881 in our opening office times (from Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

Also, you can send us your consultations by post to the following address: Avanzzia Business SCP, C/ Mástil 18C, 35509 – Playa Honda, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain.

23.2– The questions and consultations you send us by email or post or any phone call must be in English or Spanish. We do not guarantee that we can answer your consultations in any other language apart from the aforementioned ones. We will send your reply to the address you indicate us.

23.3– If you have any problem with your service in the destination, you should call the local supplier or transporter directly, so that they can solve the incidence. We facilitate the telephone numbers of suppliers or transporters on your booking voucher.

If you wish it, you can contact us, and we will try to intermediate in order to find a solution with the supplier or transporter.


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– DATE OF LAST UPDATING: 25/04/2017 –